IMPORTS VALLEY was founded in 2004 and represents exclusively in the Greek market food companies of international status.

We are a Greek representation and imports agency active in the Greek retail and wholesale market.

The team consists of highly experienced professionals with more than 25 years’ experience , in sales, marketing, strategic planning, advertising, promotion,purchasing, procurement and logistics and in the retail and wholesale channel.


Our mission is to cooperate with selected international companies based on high qualitative standards, to continually provide our clients with quality goods and services and to create and maintain stable and reliable relationships with our clients based on mutual trust.


We operate a local  business with a global outlook based on a mission to deliver premium consumer products and services.

The Imports Valley Code of Conduct represents our drive to achieve the highest level of ethics in all of our work and business activities.

We will continue to pursue the highest level of ethics in our work and collaborations and to act as a good corporate citizen, thereby strengthening our trustworthy relationships.

1.Customer satisfaction

We shall endeavour to provide our customers with high-quality products that surpass their expectations and earn their trust.

 2.Relations with partners

We shall conduct fair transactions with all business partners and build sincere, impartial and fair partnerships with them.

 3.Work environment

We shall not allow wrongful acts or act in bad faith  and shall maintain a safe working environment.

 4. Appropriate information management

We shall respect the importance of personal and confidential information and will strictly manage it to prevent leaks and to avoid using information wrongfully or inappropriately.

 5.Environmental contribution to the community

We shall always operate with consideration to the environment and shall be committed to preserving it so that the next generation can live a wholesome life.

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